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Are you ready for an unforgettable experience?

Watch knights battle as they did in the medieval times...

Scottish Highland Games...

Listen to music as it was played back then &

Pirate songs with a modern twist...

Magical illusions...

The little lads & lassies will have a wonderful time!!

Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Shopping,

Fun for the whole family!!


The Grand Opening is May 18th 2024,

Every weekend till June 16th.

The hours are 9am till 8pm.

Our address is 24195 US-96, Kirbyville, (Call Junction) TX

The main entrance is either off of FM 1004, towards Call,

next to the meat packing place, follow the signs!

Or the driveway of CR 597.

The parking lot of US-96 is for handicapped,

vendors, staff & performers only!

Parking spots are assigned by name,

please do not park in somebody's spot!

! note for our handicapped patrons !

if you park on the lot off of us-96,

Please wait at the gate for the attendant.

The attendant will get your admission fee or

get you checked in if you pre-paid!


Come visit us and have fun, Huzzah!!

Our opening weekend, May 18th-19th

is 'Come one, Come all'..

The 'Texas Pirate king' welcomes thee!


The 2nd weekend, May 25th-26th,

is 'Invasion of the Vikings'.

No need to hide, these vikings are friendly!


The 3rd weekend, June 1st-2nd,

is 'Barbarian Weekend'.

They're rough and tough,

but have a heart of gold!


The 4th weekend, June 8th-9th,

is 'A Celtic Adventure'.


The 5th weekend, June 15th-16th

is 'Father's day' & 'Pirates Weekend'.

Father's day special

will be announced.


Some of our headliners...




Elizabeth Krause


Pair of Pirates


The Texas Armored Combat



We are family friendly, PG-13.

So absolutely no nudity is allowed on the faire and camp ground!

If we notice anything that's against our rules before you enter the gates,

you'll be asked to cover up or change into a different outfit.



Our Mission Statement is:

To give patrons and vendors an unmatched

experience, by providing a safe, family fun

environment that is affordable for all!




Patrons, would you like to be a part of our family??

Become a lifetime Founder!

The Founders Guild is limited.

The 'Legends' are the first and is full.

Now the 'Builders' guild start,

the membership fee for this will be $1200.00 for the next 50 members!

More info on the Founders Guild page.


For our Vendors!!

Click here to become a vendor.

We also offer vendors a special deal!!!

'The Vendors Guild'.

The Vendors Guild has also limited levels.

More info on the Vendors Guild page.




Thorin's Mead




We need all the help we can get

for our faireground in Call Junction.

Therefore, we do take donations of all kind...

If you want to help and like to donate,

please click here for money donations, thank you!

For material and voluntary donations, please contact

Jay @ (409) 377-0954 or Brandon @ (409) 853-6173.



Some of our sponsors..


A big thanks to each!!





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